About Us

ing-Star Tourism Academy

Genting-Star Tourism Academy (GSTA) is a center of excellence in the delivery of quality, competency-based hospitality training. GSTA offers comprehensive experience in the hospitality training through curriculum designed to prepare its graduates succeed and excel in an international work environment.

With a vibrant spirit and bold vision, the Academy offers accredited certificate courses through International Curriculum. GSTA graduates are expected to become responsible individuals personally, socially and professionally. GSTA is committed to prepare a quality work ready individuals. GSTA hopes to be able to help the young generation of Indonesian to obtain career and opportunities in International hospitality industry.

GSTA is established under PT Graha Sahari Multitalenta, a joint venture between Wahanaartha Group and Genting Hongkong Ltd.  Genting as the owner of the leading cruise ships in Asia Pacific is also an established player who has been acknowledged by its existence globally in the tourism, hospitality, leisure and entertainment industry.


Our Vision

To be the Center of Excellence in the delivery of quality, competency-based hospitality training to develop competent individuals pioneering significant changes and contributing innovations in the hospitality industry in Asia and the rest of the world.

Our Mission

To provide holistic, experiential, industry-based, and high-quality formal and practical training combining proprietary and best-in-class curriculum to prepare our students to excel and succeed in the international-level hospitality work environment and culture, and to be cognizant of personal, social, and professional accountability.

Our Value

  • Commitment to Quality Training and Skills Development
  • Professionalism
  • Personal Accountability
  • Social Responsibility


The academy has put in place the following, forming part of its strengths as an international training center :

    • Industry-based Curriculum. The courses are designed to meet the prerequisites for latest knowledges and skills of the hospitality industry that are par with international standards.
    • Seasoned Trainers. It is manned by locally and internationally certified trainers who have many years of vast industry-based international experience in the curricular programs they are handling.
    • Industry-standard Facilities. It is equipped with industry-standard hospitality and resources, simulating the real workplace. Thre training centre is located in Puncak and surrounded by lush greenery and fresh mountain air.
    • Direct Industry Linkage. GSTA's parent company (Genting Hong Kong Limited) is a giant and leading firm in the entertainment and hospitality industry. GSTA has also partner with other established hotels in Indonesia.